Global Partnership Schools (GPS) provides a new direction in SES tutoring services. GPS offers high-quality tutoring promoting academic achievement and individual growth of students by establishing genuine relationships between teachers, parents and students. Experience the Global difference:

  • Sessions are led only by trained, highly qualified and certified teachers
  • Our experienced tutors and administrators make your child’s personal and educational growth their top priority
  • Small group tutoring in caring environments
  • Motivating reading, writing and math curriculum
  • All students are provided with technology that makes learning fun and is accessible 24/7 even after the tutoring season is over
  • Parent support to grow learning at home and beyond
  • An unmatched commitment to your child’s success

Make GPS your family’s SES partner and give your child access to world-class educational support.


KidTalk – Session Opening (10 minutes)

  • Series of open-ended questions or prompts that frame interactive conversations between the tutor and the student. The purpose of the Session Opening is to transition the child from the school day classroom to the tutorial session, to establish a positive rapport, and to prepare for the day’s session.

Direct Instruction (80 minutes)

  • Using Voyager (a nationally acclaimed reading curriculum) as an instructional platform, teachers provide support and guidance to facilitate mastery of Math and Reading skills, and when relevant and appropriate, successfully complete classroom assignments.
  • Instruction is delivered individually and in small groups, and supported by Voyagers computer-based practice sessions.

At the end of a Global Partnership Schools SES tutoring session, our students walk away excited to learn, eager to come back and energized to navigate the endless possibilities ahead of them. We work not only to strengthen the academic success of a child but we want our children to acquire the tools and knowledge they need to succeed intellectually and personally in life.