Global Partnership Schools’ Program Overview

Global Partnership Schools collaborates with schools and districts to offer a comprehensive menu of educational opportunities which best help every student achieve in an environment that fosters the joy of learning. We offer an array of comprehensive services that range from planning support to programs that address instructional needs such as strategies to meet international learning standards. These programs and services assure academic success by providing the tools fueling 21st century learning in a culture of excellence that results in students’ growth as learners and as people.

Global Partnership Schools’ District Services offers public schools and school districts a comprehensive selection of collaborative programs to achieve performance objectives and academic success.

Preparing students to succeed in a global economy requires a new set of strategies and programs to develop an integrated knowledge-rich, global learning community: See how Global Leaders programs and services will help you meet the challenge.

Graduating from high school may seem unattainable for students who have dropped out or are at risk of dropping out. Graduation Advancement programs offer flexible, alternative options that address a variety of special needs.

Global Partnership Schools’ Free Tutoring program offers qualifying students a customized learning program to give every child the opportunity to succeed.

Global Partnership Schools will provide a set of strategies, services and products to fundamentally transform the school learning environment to prepare students for global citizenry and a new global economy. Global Language Learning: We will offer a portfolio of strategies and actions to promote second and third language learning for students PK to Grade 12. We will offer and provide a portfolio of “best practices” to improve outcomes and graduation rates for English Language learners.

  • Global Learning Environment: We will offer strategies and provide services to create school and classroom learning environments that reflect the most innovative and effective practices from schools across the globe, as well as content that is relevant and meaningful to the global community.
  • Global Learning Standards: We will offer services and support IB partnerships with districts and schools to enhance/build their curriculum and instructional strategies to meet international learning standards.
  • Global Connections: District and school partners will have the opportunity to participate in a network of international schools through our affiliation with GEMS Education serving more than a 100 schools in 9 countries. Through technology, curriculum development, and instructional support, we will establish partnerships between and among schools, classrooms, students and businesses. Global Research, Development and Innovation: We will provide access, information and implementation support to policy development, and to advance the latest and most innovative strategies/practices from around the globe.
  • Global Science and Math: Recognizing the critically important role of science and math in developing countries and around the world, we will offer access, knowledge, products, and support to districts and schools seeking to provide a state of art curriculum and engaging instructional strategies to assure that students and schools are able to meet the highest of international standards in science and math.
  • Global Arts and Civics: Recognizing the impact that arts education has on student achievement, as well as the preparation of global citizens, we will support the rigorous, standards-based implementation of interdisciplinary arts and civics education in our classrooms. We will support an efficient and effective approach to utilizing community partnerships focusing on clear objectives, stellar implementation, and firm accountability.