Independent Evaluation Validates our work in Pueblo

 Independent, External Evaluation conducted by the University of Colorado Denver validated the turnaround/transformation work of GPS in Pueblo.

 The Pueblo Public School District contracted with The Evaluation Center of the School of Education & Human Development at the University of Colorado Denver to conduct an independent, external evaluation of our partnership. The resulting report, “Getting Back On Track: The Pueblo City Schools Turnaround/Transformation Initiative,” determined the following about the transformation work to date:

    • “GPS has largely delivered on its promises to the district, though there is room for improvements in the implementation of the initiatives.”
    • “GPS program and implementation were aligned with best practices, and there is no good reason to believe that this work would not result in school improvement across time.”
    • “GPS’ model appears to be aligned with best practices identified in the turnaround literature and their activities support the goal of the Tiered Intervention Grant related to improving student achievement.”
    • “The work GPS has done has had impact beyond the Turnaround/Transformation schools and has helped the district improve its overall functioning.”
    • “Removing GPS as a partner in this work is likely to undermine the improvements that have occurred, affect sustainability of these changes, and has no obvious positive benefits.”

The report commended the schools’ academic progress and aggressive reform efforts, and concluded Global’s partnership with the District, its school principals and teachers should continue.