Global Partnership Schools provides opportunities to work with, exchange ideas with, and build new knowledge with communities across the world. Our efforts are designed to connect learning in a unique way and create educational environments that prepare all students to succeed in the global economy and society.


To build an integrated knowledge-rich, global learning community in which:

  • a culture of excellence results in students’ growth as learners and as people
  • affiliated schools and school districts share worldwide resources to create new knowledge and capacity to teach, learn, and lead
  • staff and partners advance education as a civil right across the globe


Global Partnership Schools will create a learning community to accelerate student progress, improve the instructional capacity of all educators, and create educational environments that prepare all students to succeed in the global economy and society.


Excellence and Accountability: We strive to be the best in all we do, accept responsibility for our results and encourage the educators and students we touch to do so as well.

Caring and Trust: We act with sincerity, integrity and nurturing behavior.

Innovation and Continuous Improvement: We incorporate new approaches and foster the joy of learning.

Passion and Commitment: We dedicate our lives to helping children realize their potential through education.

Global Perspective: We build a learning community that puts the world within reach of all children.


We believe:

  • Parents and caring adults matter in the lives of students.
  • Leaders inside the classroom and beyond must have the courage and means to help students reach their potential and achieve success.
  • Schools that allow students to take an active role directing their learning best develop each child’s strengths and passions.
  • All children can be critical and creative thinkers and schools must help them reach that potential.
  • High expectations, proven pedagogy and best practice are required for student achievement.
  • Public-private partnerships and rich cultural diversity are essential for success in the global economy and society.